JOURNAL.3 Worsted Wool Tropical fabric|尾州

High fineness merino wool material used by Cornier.
The fabric is made using very rare and high-quality wool raw materials such as Super130's and Super180's. 

Wool's Super notation indicates the fineness of the wool's fibers.
The higher the fineness, the finer the raw fibers, resulting in a high-quality textile with a delicate touch and an elegant sheen.
Among them, the raw material used in Cornier uses long and thin fibers called worsted hair, so you can feel the elasticity and firmness of the raw material even with a very delicate and high-quality touch. can.

A preparatory process called warping, in which the warp threads to be woven on the loom are passed through the reed one by one according to the design of the fabric.
It is an important process that requires skillful hand handling that is indispensable for weaving fabric.

A textile factory with many looms arranged in an orderly manner.
Each material and fabric are woven using the appropriate loom. 

The fabric woven at the weaving factory is brought to the sorting factory, where it is washed, pressed, and finished. 
This is a very important process that draws out the quality of raw materials and determines the texture of the material.

The sorting factory also mixes colors.
This is the key area for coloring that expresses the delicate colors of Cornier.
A strictly controlled system maintains stable dyeing quality.

The finished fabric is finally inspected by human eyes.
Fine scratches and stains on the fabric are carefully removed visually.

High fineness wool with a Super rank is extremely fine and excellent among wool raw materials.
Among them, Super 130 and Super 180 class wool has extremely low yields worldwide, and the texture, touch, and drape that come from the characteristics of the raw materials are very delicate and unique.
In order to draw out the characteristics and texture of the raw materials, skilled hands and experience are absolutely necessary at key points.
High-quality materials are completed only when the advanced machines used in each process and the hands of skilled people are combined. 

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