To fabric manufacturers

Dear Textile Manufacturers,

nice to meet you.
weCornier(Cornier) is a fashion brand.
CornierWe are developing materials and products focusing on world-class "materials" and "processing technology" that Japan boasts to the world, with the keywords of contemporary and high-quality everyday wear.

CornierIn the background of the birth of , there is a severe current situation surrounding domestic production areas.
Japan has many world-class materials and processing techniques, and materials and processing techniques that can only be made in Japan have supported many first-class brands around the world. I have also witnessed many plights where the situation and the lives of craftsmen are not good.
Why is it that the lives of those who make world-class products are so difficult? How can we leave this material and technology to the next generation without interruption? We want more consumers to be able to enjoy the finest ingredients more easily.

These thoughts are the starting pointCornierwas born.

Cornierhas four key values.
・High quality
・Be genuine

CornierAll materials used are of the highest quality. It is not only high-quality materials that are particular about raw materials, but also "materials with stories, materials that can be told" backed by tradition and craftsmanship.
CornierIn order to pay the producers a solid price for top-level materials in such a world, we do not do any price negotiations for materials.
In addition, we aim to realize a happy and sustainable model for everyone involved in this brand by raising the cost rate and proposing it at a price that is easy for customers to afford.

CornierMaterials are the core of , and we are always looking for high-quality and interesting materials.
If there are companies that have their own processing technology or developed materials, or companies that have materials that have not seen the light of day due to problems such as cost, we would like to hear from you.
(We apologize for the inconvenience, but we would appreciate it if you could contact us using the inquiry form at the bottom of the page.)

CornierAlthough we are a small brand that has just started, we hope that we can help domestic production areas even just a little.