JOURNAL.1 Wool/Silk poplin|Ozhou

1 hour by car from Gifu city.
You can see the factory where Cornier materials are made.
It is a weaving shop that handles the fabrics of the world's famous top maisons.

Here, several craftsmen consistently carry out the processes from design to weaving.
By understanding the characteristics of raw materials and maximizing their characteristics, fabrics with unique textures are created.

fabric design. Many fabrics have been produced based on this design document.

Cornier makes a plain weave fabric called poplin here.
Worsted yarn spun from ultra-fine Australian wool raw material is used for the warp, raw silk is used for the weft, and woven with a special loom at an ultra-high density.
While showing the drape of wool, you can feel the slightly hard and crunchy texture of the raw silk woven into the weft.
The surface has a dull sheen of silk.

A used toolbox. Old looms, which are now precious, are still in use here.

The heddle to be used also changes depending on the loom and thread count. All kinds of heddles are stocked according to the fabric to be woven.

Among the many weavers in the Bishu production area, there are only a few that are recognized by the weavers.

"I can only do it there."
Many weavers say the same thing.

All the fabrics produced here are elegant and have a mannishness that cannot be found anywhere else.
This is why we have been making fabrics for many top maisons for more than half a century.

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